Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Pathology

The Center for Personalized Medicine (CPM) at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is committed to utilizing genetic information to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat disease in individuals. Propelling the CPM’s goals is the Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Pathology, which supports the work of the Center’s founding director, Timothy Triche, MD, PhD. Funds generated from the endowment have been allocated to enable the CPM team to clinically validate new assays for childhood cancer using patient samples and data analysis. The Endowment has also provided funds to support the work of post-doctoral Anirban Mitra, MD, PhD, who has analyzed data yielding new information that can help predict the diagnosis, prognosis and optimal therapy for children with cancer. CHLA thanks Las Madrinas for “taking the lead and making an investment in this exciting field of medicine through the establishment of the Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Pathology.”

$1.5 Million Endowment

  • 1988-1990
  • Timothy Triche, MD, PhD
  • Alexander Judkins, M.D.