Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Oncology

The Las Madrinas Endowment for Molecular Oncology continues to support ongoing research in neuroblastoma, a high-risk cancer of the nervous system outside the brain. Research led by Robert C. Seeger, MD is geared toward increasing survival rates and enhancing the lives of young patients with high-risk neuroblastoma. Funding from Las Madrinas has enabled Dr. Seeger to develop a molecular biomarker test that can identify neuroblastoma cells in bone marrow and blood. This test is being used by the New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy clinical consortium at CHLA, and has proven to have a 100-percent probability of detecting a single tumor cell per million normal bone marrow or blood cells. Once certified, the test will be available nationwide for testing children with high-risk neuroblastoma and will also assist in guiding their treatment.

$1.5 Million Endowment

  • 1991-1993
  • Timothy Triche, MD, PhD
  • Robert Seeger, MD