I am both delighted and honored to serve as Las Madrinas President for 2023. This year marks our 90th anniversary and I am inspired by the dedication of our members who remain committed to building healthier futures for children in need in Los Angeles. 

90 years ago, on October 11, 1933, Las Madrinas was founded to raise necessary funds to support Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. One of the sixty-five founding Members proposed the name Las Madrinas, meaning “The Godmothers,” which has proven fitting as our organization has positively impacted tens of thousands of children in our community. 

Last year, we honored 32 families who have positively impacted the civic and cultural life of Southern California. This year we hope to complete our $5 million commitment to the Las Madrinas Diagnostic Innovation Endowment supporting the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. With our support, the Department’s team of physicians, laboratorians, and researchers will work to develop a new generation of tests for children suffering from Leukemia and other types of cancer. The newest Las Madrinas commitment will ensure continued innovation and transformational care. 

I am inspired by my fellow members on the Las Madrinas membership who are consummate and committed community leaders throughout Southern California. In conjunction with our skillful and seasoned Board of Directors, I am confident that Las Madrinas, in honor of our 90th anniversary, will make a profound contribution to the lives of young people in our community who need medical attention the most, regardless of their financial capacity.

With Gratitude,

Kathryne Halverson Garland