Las Madrinas
“The Godmothers”

Since 1933, we have supported outstanding healthcare and cutting-edge research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, funding over eight endowments and quietly raising over 30 million dollars.

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Our endowments fund the next generation of healthcare.

As the first affiliate group established on behalf of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (view CHLA video), we take pride in the ongoing support we have rendered. Our endowments have been instrumental in moving scientific research from an initial spark in the laboratory to implementation at the bedsides of children.

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Our Current Endowment

Las Madrinas Endowment for the Chief of Neurology Chair and Neurological Institute Epilepsy Program

$5 Million Project

The endowment will also strengthen the institution by serving as a valuable tool to recruit and retain the most talented faculty and, as a result, attract even more great minds, philanthropic support and grant funding for the hospital. At its core, this vital form of support will help shape countless futures by ensuring the Division will always have strong leadership to improve patients’ lives today and tomorrow.

Our Mission

Las Madrinas is a philanthropic organization dedicated to a tradition of supporting pediatric care and research at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles by honoring families who have shown exceptional commitment to the Southern California community.